Sika provides Protech with bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing, and protecting products. Sika is a world-renowned product specialist and has won awards in Europe for its industry-leading adhesives.

Sika South Africa regards itself as a “multi-domestic” company, putting the needs of its local customers at the very centre of its business activities. The company’s products and systems, backed by comprehensive service packages, are carefully tailored to local market needs. On a local level, Sika always puts this sound business principal into practice.

Sika strives to provide value-added products and full solutions. Sika’s products and systems are used in almost every aspect of modern living, from building bridges, dams, roads and harbours to high-rise buildings. Sika’s technology is also used for building cars, trucks, buses, boats and industrial products. When using Sika systems, quality, durability and sustainability are added to concrete.

Sika South Africa started trading in 1988.

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