Vetroasfalto is an Italian company with an 80-year track record. Many contractors have relied on their product Viapol with a reputation for consistency and quality. Offered in 3mm for light applications, 4mm for heavier applications as well as a mineral surface for added texture to form a rougher surface for foot traffic.

Vetroasfalto has always adopted quality as its production philosophy.
We have always been particularly sensitive and attentive to the evolutions of the market, with a continuous updating of our products. We constantly dedicate ourselves to supplying well-aimed and specific solutions to the growing quality demands in the field of waterproofing technologies, with an ongoing commitment to reliability, safety, and durability. Waterproofing contractors can meet the growing demands of the market through their professionalism, and their ability to carry out their work according to the relevant codes of practice, and most importantly, using high-quality products with guaranteed and certified performances.

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